Industry Business Intelligence Software and Analytics Expansion and Consolidation

Industry Business Intelligence SoftwareBusiness intelligence (BI) software has clear benefits. It lets companies collect, store, and analyze data so they can make smart choices.  Business

Intelligence (BI) Platform, Advanced & Predictive  Analytics, Analytics Application, Content Analytics, and Corporate Performance Management Suite are the different types of BI and analytics

tools on the market. Aside from that, the market for BI and analytics software is split into two groups: Cloud and On-Premises. The market for business data and analytics software is made up of a

few different parts. Among them are:

1.    By Platform

It includes BI Platform, Corporate Performance Management Suite, Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Analytics Application, and Content Analytics.

2.    By Deployment

It includes Cloud as well as On-premises.

3.    By End-user Industry

For example, it includes retail, telecom & IT, manufacturing, media & entertainment, government, healthcare, education, energy & power, BSFI, etc.

4.    By Organization Size

Business analytics software market size includes small and medium business as well as large-scale enterprises.

5.    By Service

In this case, it includes professional services and managed service.

6.    By Region

Then, it includes Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and the rest of the world.

7.    By Company

Lastly, it includes IBM, Oracle Co, GoodData Co, Microsoft Co, SAS Institute Inc., SAP, Tableau Software Inc., Salesforce, Alteryx, and Tibco Software.

So, that’s all about Industry business intelligence software and analytics market. Hopefully, this will be a useful reference for you all.

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